In Osternienburg 10 MWP solar park put up according to the schedule


On 29th August 2014 Green Energy 3000 GmbH brought into service its new solar park on time and according to EEG standards in Osternienburg/Saxony –Anhalt in the administrative district of Anhalt-Bitterfeld. Thereby the company made sure that its investor can use the monthly remuneration tariff as specified by EEG (renewable energy law) of 9.23 € cent / kWh for the term of the contract for 20 years. Both about 40,000 solar modules by Risen and 332 string invertors  by  the Chinese manufacturer Huawei have been used on a 15 ha (150,000 square metres) laid out conversion area of an old industrial stretch of land owned by the Solvay Company. In the future about 2,800 single-family houses can be supplied with clean electricity by its total output of 10 MWP.

In the next days the compensatory measures of the planning permission will be implemented. So not very far away there will be a heaped up wall planted with honeysuckle, privet and sloes along the A-road which helps to integrate the complex into nature at best. Furthermore several piles of stones serve as habitats for lizards.

Geplantes Baugrundstück in Brandenburg