Unlimited Energy

The energy from sun and wind are inexhaustibly available to us. Renewable energy will quench the unbridled thirst for electricity of a constantly increasing human population.
Green Energy 3000, as an international project developer, general contractor and operations manager, is proud to be able to make a
significant contribution to the energy transition.

Everything from a Single Source

As an investor in the field of renewable energy, Green Energy 3000 counts on many years of international experience in the fields of the location selection and acquisition, planning and project management, purchasing and financing, construction and technical and commercial operations management including maintenance services.

Invest in the Future

Our investments are intended to drive forward the worldwide expansion of renewable energies. We also enable private investors, investment companies and institutional financiers to play a successful role in the energy revolution.


From the initial concept to the completed project with Green Energy 3000

Experienced project managers work closely with our in-house planning team to ensure that our projects worldwide are brought to the construction readiness.
The procurement of all necessary system components, including the infrastructure and the construction site equipment, is carried out from a single source by our professional
component purchasing department.
Our in-house construction management coordinates and supervises the complete construction process of the wind and solar power plants planned by us right up to final acceptance and handing over.
For the implementation of our projects we develop individual financing plans tailored to the local conditions.
We are looking for sites
Don't leave your roof or open space unused any longer, instead, make your space available for the installation and operation of photovoltaic or wind power plants and take part in the energy revolution!
Invest in green technology
There are numerous investment opportunities in the fields of photovoltaic and wind energy. An investment from approx. 100,000 Euro enables the direct purchase of solar energy systems in a large solar park.
The energy of the sun
Use of the unlimited energy of the sun! We have made this our mission. Our experienced project developers are constantly on the move looking to secure suitable locations for the generation of electricity.
The power of the wind
We have already been using the power of the wind since 1994. From the acquisition and securing of land, we take care of
every project through to handing over to the investor.

Green Energy 3000 at a Glance