Solar Park Amberg opened up solemnly


Last Saturday July 19th 2014 Green Energy 3000 GmbH opened up  - together with all involved firms (as sister companies, suppliers and subcontractors)- the Solar Park Amberg, Bavaria. From 1p.m. to 5 p.m. the park opened up its gates and made it possible for invited guests as well as for interested people to gain insight into a renewable-energy plant. Besides the BBQ buffet and the music entertainment, the “balloon on crane” was a further impressing highlight of the event. From this balloon that was lifted with a crane in the middle of the park up into heady heights the guests had a fantastic view of the solar park as well as of the Amberg-Sulzbacher-Land region.

(video only available in German)

Since March 2014 the new photovoltaic power plant has fed clean energy into the grid of the public utility company in Amberg. Being built at the beginning of the year, this plant was planned and converted by 100% with European components. Thus led to 17,000 solar modules of  the manufacturers Hecker-Solar AG and alfasolar GmbH being installed. And yet an exception are the special prismatic modules only used in the south. In combination with a specially built privacy fence the heavily frequented A-road nearby is protected against dazzlement by sunlight reflection.

The solar power of the 3.93 MWp plant is converted by 16 inverters in 4 inverter stations of the producer BONFIGLIOLI VECTRON GmbH.

Geplantes Baugrundstück in Brandenburg