Ponti (bridge) 2014 – Green Invest 3000 takes a stand in Italy


Ponti 2014 is the first business development platform with the aim to improve the cooperation between Italian and German markets and to work as a bridge. On the subject of “Smart Energy” investors and representatives of leading technology enterprises from Germany, Austria and Italy met in Meran (South Tyrol/ Italy). The firm Green Invest 3000 was represented by the managing director Philipp Gamper who used the event to maintain and improve the business connections to Italy. The pursued business models put the following areas in concrete terms: domestic electricity models, “grid-parity” projects and the secondary market for photovoltaic power plants.

The promoters of BLS (Business Location South Tyrol) aim to support the participating enterprises with information for new branch of industry developments and to offer a cross-border platform for cooperation and expansion possibilities.


Philipp Gamper (links), GF Green Invest 3000, im Zuge der Podiumsdiskussion zum Thema Investitionsklima in Italien.

Philip Gamper (left), managing director of Green Invest 3000 GmbH, during the panel discussion on the subject climate for investment in Italy.

Geplantes Baugrundstück in Brandenburg