Schönefeld Solar Park built in record time


Schönefeld Solar Park, Green Energy 3000 GmbH's latest project, was erected in record time of just three weeks – and is fully compliant with the EEG German Renewable Energy Sources Act. The extremely tight schedule was met thanks to the excellent performance of the building contractors and the timely delivery of all the necessary components by the manufacturers. This paves the way for medium voltage connecting cables to be laid. The ground-mounted system is being built on the site of a former a wood-moulding factory. Altogether, nearly 12,000 SolarWorld SW260P solar modules have been installed on an area about 4.3 hectares in size. Current conversion will be done by 100 string inverters made by Chinese manufacturer Huawei. As work proceeds on Schönefeld Solar Park, Green Invest 3000 GmbH (a subsidiary of Green Energy 3000 Holding) is preparing its sale to a number of small investors. This will allow it to be handed over to its future operators as soon as it has been connected to the grid in mid-October. With a total capacity of 3.12 MWp, Schönefeld Solar Park will generate about 3,180,000 kWh hours of green power annually – enough to supply about 890 households.

Drone flight over the solar park

Geplantes Baugrundstück in Brandenburg