Wanzleben Solar Park inaugurated


Wanzleben Solar Park inaugurated

Last weekend, the opening ceremony was held for Wanzleben Solar Park. It was attended by about thirty guests including Mrs Petra Hort (the Mayor of Wanzleben), the group of investors headed by Mr Gerhard Huber, and the team from Green Management 3000 GmbH. In their addresses, Mrs Hort and Mr Huber (speaking on behalf of the investors) praised the solar park as an important contribution to climate change mitigation in the district of Wanzleben. The Mayor thanked the team of Green Energy 3000 GmbH for their dedication and hard work in harnessing solar energy – and declared that Wanzleben was now "a place in the sun". Heiko Zettelmann, head of project development in Germany, extolled the close cooperation between all the stakeholders, especially the district council: "Thanks to this excellent collaboration, we were able to successfully build the solar park in a very short time, thus setting a good example of the conversion of a vacant commercial site for renewable energy. We are indebted to Mayor Petra Hort, whose energetic support contributed to the success of this project."After a fascinating tour of the solar park, the guests took to the air for an unparalleled aerial view of it before landing again at Oschersleben Motorsport Arena.

Unique arena setting

There's a good reason why the etropolis motor racing circuit at Oschersleben is known as an arena. All visitors love its arena atmosphere, which is almost unique among German racetracks. All the spectator areas are located between 6 and 8 metres above the track, giving visitors a track-side view and allowing them to experience motorsport up close. By the way, the track at Oschersleben is located south-west of the city of Magdeburg and has a variable length of 3,667m for motorcycle races and 3,696m for car racing.

The opening ceremony was followed by dinner at the Herrenkrug Park Hotel in Magdeburg.

We would like to thank Wanzleben District Council, the investors and the contractors for enabling the project to proceed smoothly and for their confidence in us.

Wanzleben Solar Park will generate over 6 gigawatts of solar electricity annually – enough to supply around 1,800 households in the region. The inverters are covered by a 5-year warranty, while the solar modules are protected by a insured guarantee lasting 10 years. In addition, the modules have a 25-year performance guarantee. Once again, the technical operation of the solar park will be handled by sister company Green Management 3000 GmbH. Accordingly, we'll be looking after all the technical matters relating to Wanzleben Solar Park in our clients' interests on the basis of long-term contracts.

If you too are also interested in investing in renewable energy, don't hesitate to get in touch with us!

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