Erection begins of a 12 MWp solar park in Saint Léger-sur-Vouzance


Construction work got underway today for a solar park in Saint Léger-sur-Vouzance in the département of Allier (Auvergne, France). The new photovoltaic array with a capacity of 12 MWp built on converted farmland will provide about 6,660 households with energy. The planned solar power plant will be connected to the grid before the year is out.

The project has been acquired, planned and brought to the construction stage by Green Energy 3000 GmbH in close cooperation with the local authority. Preliminary financing and construction will be funded by the bond issue, enabling erection to proceed smoothly over the next two months. All in all, the solar park will comprise 46,080 Sunmodule SW260 crystalline solar modules made by German manufacturer SolarWorld as well as Huawei inverters. The innovative mounting system for ground-based photovoltaic systems will be supplied by CWF. Specially adapted to the requirements and demands of assembling photovoltaic arrays, this system has already been successfully used in a number of projects. Due to the use of high-quality system components, we expect an annual electricity yield of 13,329,000 kWh.

The Léger-sur-Vouzance Solar Park located in France will be offered for sale complete with all rights. Other attractive solar and wind projects are already being planned. The right time for your investments is right now!

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