Sale of photovoltaic project “Saint-Léger-sur Vouzance” lined up


Green Energy 3000 GmbH has been successfully operating the 12 MW Photovoltaic power plant in Saint-Léger-sur-Vouzance, Auvergne France since 9 months. This period of operation has proven to us, as well as to local authorities, manufacturers and land owners, that a high-yield use of solar energy, harmonizing technology and agriculture, is possible. Huawei Solar Europe, the European branch of the Chinese inverter manufacturer Huawei, will even present the PV plant as a model during an on-site visit in the framework of its yearly "Huawei France FusionSolar Day" on 4th November 2016.After this outstanding start phase, the sale of the turn-key photovoltaic power plant is lined up. The purchase agreements to this purpose were signed on 28th October 2016 and settle the transfer of the plant into the property of an investment funds.

Geplantes Baugrundstück in Brandenburg