Green Energy 3000 GmbH on the way to meet global challenges


The demand for photovoltaic and wind power plants in European markets will remain on a low level in the next years. After Europe has paved the way for global energy transition, players in emerging markets come to the fore. Green Energy 3000 GmbH has been preparing for this change for a long time in order to maintain its competitiveness even at changed market conditions. In this spirit, projects in different markets outside Europe have been acquired and are now in an advanced stage of development. Even the heart of every project development – the financing – is currently being structured. Now, a first milestone on the way of creating alternative financing models is set. From now on, Green Energy 3000 GmbH is covered at the Chinese reinsurance company Sinosure at a credit volume of 5 Mio. €. This constitutes the basis of project financing for future power plants in BelarusIran and other emerging markets.

The way to meet global challenged is clear.

Geplantes Baugrundstück in Brandenburg