The third pillar of the energy revolution

Die unendliche Energie des Windes nutzen

Energy storage systems are able to solve a range of challenges. Storage systems not only help to stabilize the grid, they also allow industrial companies to save a lot of money. The range of application includes peak shaving and applications like power factor correction and emergency power.

Our long-term experience as a project developer and our cooperation with renowned battery producers allow us to offer a full package, ranging from planning to operational management.

Our Competences

  • Pre-analysis
  • Development of a technically and economically useful setup
  • Project development
  • Operational management
  • Financing concepts


  • Significant savings depending on the field of application
  • No interference in existing production processes
  • Flexible system that allows an upgrade to higher capacities
  • Grid stabilization
We are looking for sites
Don't leave your roof or open space unused any longer, instead, make your space available for the installation and operation of photovoltaic or wind power plants and take part in the energy revolution!
Invest in green technology
There are numerous investment opportunities in the fields of photovoltaic and wind energy. An investment from approx. 20,000 Euro enables the direct purchase of solar energy systems in a large solar park.
The energy of the sun
Use of the unlimited energy of the sun! We have made this our mission. Our experienced project developers are constantly on the move looking to secure suitable locations for the generation of electricity.