Green Energy 3000

Today, the preservation of a healthy environment belongs to the priority objectives of international politics and society. Harmful emissions, climate charge and ever dwindling resources necessitate new ways of thinking and the development of alternative sources of energy.

Sun and wind are available to us free of charge and in unlimited quantities. Under the conditions of continuous further development of technology and increasing efficiency and cost effectiveness, they have already been used for many years for the benefit of human beings and nature. Internationally, too, great efforts are being made to promote the use of renewable energy. Temporarily supported by time-limited, national statutory framework conditions, we can thus utilize these unlimited resources in many countries of the world.

As an international project developer, general contractor and operations manager in the field of renewable energy, we are proud to be able to make a significant contribution to the transformation of energy systems. A strong network of manufacturers, planning and financing partners form the basis of our successful worldwide activities.

In the future, too, we will stand for the responsible, economically sustainable and reliable generation of renewable energy from wind power and photovoltaic installations as well as the installation of energy storage systems.

Together with our investors and partners, we will also continue to work successfully for the preservation of a healthy environment and a self-sufficient power supply.

Andreas Renker
Managing Director
Green Energy 3000 GmbH