Example of a project progression

Photovoltaic and wind power plants planned and built by us receive a plant certificate which is issued by an association of the VDE, the Fraunhofer Institute and Allianz. This certificate not only confirms the quality of the individual components but also of the complete system and grades their development process from the planning right up to the implementation.

In the following illustration you will receive an overview of the progression of a project which begins with a simple idea. The result is a turnkey installation which exploits the energy of wind or the sun and which will generate green electricity for decades to come.


  • Analysis (GIS), location identification
  • Contact by property owners, tendering
  • Windpro

Preliminary Planning / Sketches

  • Initial configuration including yield calculation
  • On-site appointments with local partners
  • Determination of the grid connection point / concept

Site Securement

  • Contact with municipalities
  • Acquisition of ownership data
  • Creation of preliminary design
  • Adaptation of the project
  • Contract signing
  • Inspection of access routes
  • Preliminary review of biodiversity protection
  • Project costing
  • Project controlling
  • Flächen Gesichert ✓

Draft Planning

  • Surveying (topographical measurement)
  • Detailed configuration (inkl. civil works/ civil engineering)
  • Quantity determination main components (mechanical, electrical)
  • Determination of the output in MW
  • Adaptation of the yield calculation
  • Entwurfsteht fest ✓


  • Request PPA
  • PPA erhalten ✓

Grid connection

  • Request
  • Planning and securing of cable routes
  • Layout transformer stations
  • Layout transmission stations
  • Netzzusage ✓

Approval Planning

Application documents submitted
Receipt of the approval
  • Commissioning of expert reports (for example, biodiversity protection, landscape, yield, ground, grid connection, etc.)
  • Biodiversity protection
  • Development plan / land use plan
  • Fire protection concept
  • Coordination with public authorities (Scoping)
  • Creation / processing of application documents
  • Abgabe vollständiger Antragsunterlagen ✓
  • Processing of possible requirements
  • Erhalt der Genehmigungen ✓

Implementation Planning

  • Implementation planning, quantity calculation
  • Feasibility calculation (requirements out of the approval)
  • Project information to sales / purchasing / operations management
  • Ausführungsplanung abgeschlossen ✓
Implementation planning completed


Conclusion of purchase contracts
  • Requirements specification / service specification / invitations to tender
  • Supplies and services
  • Evaluation
  • Abschluss Kaufverträge ✓


  • Financing enquiries
  • Evaluation of bids
  • Compilation of complete Financing documentation
  • DD process (legal, technical, insurance)
  • Fulfilment of the disbursement conditions (cp/cs)
  • Draw up a credit contract, negotiate, sign
  • Auszahlungszusage ✓
Disbursement confirmation


Sales contract
  • Marketing
  • Customer acquisition
  • Tender evaluation
  • Compilation of complete Projecting documentation
  • DD process (legal, technical, insurance)
  • Fulfilment of the disbursement conditions (cp/cs)
  • Contract preparation and negotiation
  • Kaufvertrag ✓

Construction Phase

  • Preparation of a construction schedule
  • Construction site preparation and site facilities
  • Baustart ✓
  • Quality control
  • Netzanschluss/ Inbetriebnahme ✓
  • Beginn Probebetrieb ✓
  • Acceptance
  • Abnahmen ✓
  • Nacharbeiten/ Mängelbeseitigung ✓
Start of
Grid connection / commissioning
Begin trial
Rework /
elimination of defects

Inventory Planning

Handover of inventory plans / documentation
  • Preparation of inventory plans / documentation
  • Übergabe Bestandspläne und Dokumentation ✓


  • Handover to operations management
  • Übergabe anden Kunden ✓
Handover to the customer