Project planning

Following the visual inspection and securing of the site, Green Energy 3000 passes the project to the in-house planning department. Here, all further technical drawings, such as site plans, circuit diagrams and component drawings required for the project development are created.

Using the WindPro software, evaluations of the noise propagation and shadow casting of the plant as well as yield simulations are created for the planned wind parks. Using a simulation software, the planned photovoltaic systems are configured and optimized for yield.

In addition, for the support of the project development of Green Energy 3000, a large-scale regional analysis of potential sites for wind and solar parks is carried out using Geographical Information Systems (GIS analysis) prior to securing of property.

In order to keep interference at the site as stress-free as possible, Green Energy 3000 carries out an examination of the surrounding area together with expert assessors and proven suppliers. Amongst other things, to this belong biodiversity and landscape protection (water conservation areas, bird breeding and migratory stop-over areas, bat roosting places), the regional planning (wind suitability, raw material supply, open space protection), the transport (railway lines, air traffic routes) and utility supply infrastructures (drinking water, gas pipelines and high-voltage transmission lines).

Services as key points:

  • Surface area potential analysis for the evaluation of locations    
  • GIS analyses of planning regions
  • Approval plans up to building permission
  • Preparation of technical drawings such as location and circuit diagrams, system schematics
  • Approval procedures in accordance with the German Federal Immission Control Act for wind power priority areas and areas suitable for wind and in accordance with the BauGB (German Building Code) in industrial areas
  • Evaluation and optimization of noise and shadow casting immissions
  • Obtaining and evaluation of geotechnical reports
  • Tendering and award of supply and construction work