Completion of solar plant with battery storage “Maulbeerwalde VI” (Germany)


In July 2022, Green Energy 3000 started the construction of the innovation project in Maulbeerwalde (Brandenburg, Germany). Now the combination of a solar park with a capacity of about 1.9 MW and a battery storage with an additional capacity of 0.64 MW / 1.66 MWh could be put into operation in total in January 2023. The solar plant without storage was already completed in autumn 2022. Now the battery storage has also been set up and commissioned. This is one of the first DC-coupled battery storage systems in Germany.

"Maulbeerwalde IV" is another expansion of the already existing solar park and increases the total capacity to around 20 MW.

The group of companies retains the project in its portfolio and enabled employee participation in the investment. The company subsidiary Green Asset 3000 GmbH will take over the operational management.

We are pleased not only to make a further contribution to the energy transition, but also to usher in a new era of renewable energies with novel, innovative projects.