Green Energy 3000 logo relaunch


We are pleased to introduce our new logo to you today, which we will be using from March 2023. The Green Energy 3000 Group has developed steadily over the last few years and would now like to do justice to this development process visually.

After almost 20 years of company existence, it was time for a new logo and a different colour. The familiar green becomes a fresh purple. The new icon represents the G and E for Green Energy and is inspired by a power button. In this way, we want to reinforce our vision of further advancing the energy transition and thus making green electricity available at the push of a power button in the future.

We are aware that our previous logo has become a recognisable symbol of our brand, but we are confident that this new design will become even more of a symbol.

The changes that have been made are purely visual. All contracts etc. remain unchanged, as do our address and contact details.